The OFFICIAL Finding Cupid Guide to Getting Happy in 30 Days!

30 Days Of Happiness

By David Cruz

First and Foremost, Happy March Everyone!

Outside of February being the month of Love, it was also a month of Mercury being in Retrograde! So in case you felt that this last month wasn’t exactly what you would call “outstanding” – just know that we agree with you one hundred percent! February was a tough one!

But here we are, a new month and a new opportunity to put the past behind us and focus on a few things that will make this month AMAZING!

As we welcome the new Spring Season, we at Finding Cupid thought this would be a great opportunity to focus on one really important thing…. Happiness.

We have created a strategy to break down the next few weeks into “Happiness Activities” that will help you not only appreciate the life you live, but to actually “be” happy at the end of the month.

We call this The Finding Cupid 30 Day Guide to Happiness! 

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1. The “Kick Off” 

Tune into the show on Saturday March, 1st 2014 at 11amPST on UBNRadio. The Team and I welcome, Evan Sanders, Author of The Better Man Project, to discuss his personal journey to happiness and what we can do to be better at being happy.

If you miss the show, then listen to the free podcast on iTunes or Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Step 2. “Taking Action” 

Every Monday we will update our blog with your new “Monday Mission to Happiness.” Take this challenge and live it through the week. We will get interactive and involve your social media to make it fun- so get ready to get creative!

Step 3. “Have Faith” 

I know this sounds cheesy, but having faith that happiness will come to you is half the battle. If you for a second don’t think that you deserve happiness, can’t achieve happiness or are not entitled to happiness- then you won’t get happiness.

Negativity and pessimism are toxic. Its time to let go and believe.  Once A week we will reaffirm your journey!

Step 4. “Reflect” 

I want everyone to keep some sort of journal that you will use to reflect back on. You don’t have to write a novel, it can be only a few words if you’d like. But every Saturday is a day to look back, reflect and focus.

That is it- Four easy steps to take to super charge the next month into being happy. At the end of the month- we will recap and see how you did. However, we expect that you will be singing “Hakuna Matata” at the top of your lungs by the time this is over. Just saying

We look forward to taking this 30 day journey with you and good luck and good happy to you all! Its going to be a great month of March… I can already tell!